Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

In the last decade, PinPoint has interviewed physicians and healthcare professionals across all specialties in all 50 states, evaluating more than 1,000 medical products.

Using surveys to access the most recent medical details, PinPoint understands that time is of the essence. The set-up process for our pharmaceutical surveys is templated, allowing for a faster programming turnaround while still ensuring a high level of quality and customization. We also respect our physician respondents’ time, so we’ve integrated a customized “resume” feature that allows physicians and healthcare professionals to hang up a call at any point and resume it without interruption.

Strengths of these studies include:

  • Our ability to incorporate complex randomization patterns in the survey. Randomization can be customized to randomize a single set of attributes or a group of questions within an overall randomization.
  • Our clients have more control and access to key elements within the survey process. For example, clients can generate instant price quotes using a templated tool, access and manage quotas via the online web report, or substitute a “technical difficulties” web interface to temporarily take the survey offline and conduct routine maintenance.
  • We also support the capture of both closed end and open-end data enabling the ability to collect and process qualitative insights from respondents.