Retail and e-Commerce

PinPoint leads the retail industry using customized survey solutions including IVR, SMS-driven mobile and online surveys, and speech-to-text solutions. We have collected millions of surveys for retail clients in markets such as home improvement, office supply, discount stores, supermarkets, major electronics store chains, jewelry retailers,and many others.

Sample engagements include:

  • Using Point of Sale (POS) touchpoints, our clients print receipts inviting customer feedback regarding services and product offerings.
  • This feedback presents a deep understanding of brand health and microclimate differences between stores, areas, and regions, which can be essential for identifying areas that need improvement and opportunities for success in the organization.
  • Invitations include email, inbound phone and SMS solicitations, multi-modal will increase customer participation rates and empower the mobile respondent. We have processed more than 12 million POS transactions per month for a large retail survey, integrating with our clients’ Internet survey and automated IVR survey systems.
  • Our survey methodology can block a specific ID once a respondent completes the survey, thus preventing system gaming to obtain additional survey incentives (i.e., a $5 gift certificate for survey participation).