Voice Driven Research™

IVR Surveys

IVR is no longer a nice to have, its an essential component of omni-channel solutions

Capturing the True Voice of the Consumer

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys are undergoing a revolution – consumers demand to be heard, and today’s consumer experience (CX) research needs to capture the voice of the customer. A recent study shows that 90 percent of consumers would rather interact with vendors via telephone than through any other medium “Source: American Express”. Capturing the true voice of the customer powers both quantitative and qualitative research – that’s at the heart of voice driven research. Our hosted IVR Survey platform supports real-time field monitoring, API integration and real-time data availability, as well as nearly 100% system uptime due to our extensive quality control measures, hardware redundancy, and advanced co-location facility. IVR surveys can be conducted in virtually any language, allowing for true global reach.

PinPoint’s speech-to-text technology offers advantages that you won’t find in other IVR tools:

What You Get

  • Telephone and mobile phone users can use keystroke or voice response thanks to voice recognition.
  • Questionnaires can be customized for proprietary functionality with embedded sample data, skip pattern, question rotation, hot alerts, and other features.
  • Data from IVR closed-end and open-ended voice data streams can be delivered in near real time.
  • Hot alerts can be generated and notifications delivered to live agents during hours of availability, including direct call transfers.
  • Event-triggered interviews can be integrated easily into call center and retail applications using interviews using inbound, outbound, and call transfer assure high response rates.
  • Speech-to-text transcription solutions are available for more effective response with full auditing services.
  • Highly scalable to millions of interviews per week.

What You Gain

  • Voice-driven data offers response rates as high as 35%.
  • Outbound IVR delivers higher response rates because it is the only methodology that initiates a survey that must be immediately completed or abandoned.
  • Surveys are tested and validated prior project launch using an integrated testing suite that ensures the entire system is accurate from sample to data delivery.
  • Voice data is captured in a format that is optimized for achieving the highest accuracy for automated transcription.
  • Tight integration with electronic feedback management (EFM) real-time portals via an API architecture enables just in-time data insight from closed-end and open-ended data.
  • Custom data monitoring is available to meet your study’s needs with features that will alert you to data problems using pre-defined study criteria.
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