Multi-Modal survey platforms

Mobile and Web

Maximize response with a multi-modal survey technology platform IVR, online, and mobile surveys

The majority of today’s households have abandoned landlines in favor of cellular telephone service. Mobile technology has become the preferred platform for most consumers when accepting telephone calls or surfing the Web. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many these devices are a key entry point to the online world. Clearly mobile communications are more important than ever, and to ensure that our customers can reach their market targets, PinPoint Research offers a comprehensive set of mobile enabled survey services.

PinPoint Research has been conducting market research via mobile phones for decades. All our IVR, mobile, and online research surveys are compatible for smartphones and tablets, including support for SMS-driven survey deployment. Multi-modal surveys including mobile and online surveys continue to be one of the most prominent and successful forms of consumer research.

What You Get

  • Supports most question types thanks to PinPoint technology that supports the most complex quotas and survey logic.
  • Fully integrates mobile and online surveys with the IVR platform, which can handle any number of concurrent online interviews.
  • Manage multi-modal surveys, scheduling, quota and survey deposition data through PinPoint’s sample management system.
  • Consistent and unbiased questionnaire design and deployment using PinPoint authoring tools.
  • Capture open-ended responses or enable online, SMS, and mobile surveys.
  • Send SMS messages as an invitation to complete mobile, online, IVR, surveys.
  • Create branded surveys with logo, color theme, and font style.
  • Customize question types with video, voice, picture images on Mobile web surveys.
  • Integrate QR code in survey deployment.

What You Gain

  • Increase survey response by offering multi-modal surveys.
  • Offer survey response in any form – touchtone, voice, online, or SMS.
  • Support any mobile platform including cellular phones, smartphones, or tablets.
  • Transform mobile verbal responses into actionable text using speech-to-text.
  • Integrate survey invitations across all modes of mobile communications.
  • Use online and mobile surveys for customer satisfaction, shopper experience, conference evaluations, polling, and many other applications.
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