IVR Survey Box and Capturing the True Voice of the Customer


Consumers are speaking loudly. Can you hear them?

Integration of the voice of the customer into real-time CX systems is the future that is available NOW!

The ability to convert spoken survey responses into actionable data is at the heart of voice driven research. PinPoint Research has the unique capability of literally capturing the voice of the customer, recording responses to open-end queries, and transcribing those responses for immediate review and analysis. Research shows that speech-driven surveys have the highest response rate to enable instant review and analysis, and emotion and sentiment.

PinPoint Research’s unique Speech-to-Text system radically reduces the cost of text transcription while it shortens time to delivery for high-value response data. Speech-to-text delivers an untapped source of survey data for text analytics. It also reduces liability for personally identifiable information (PII) and is certifiably accurate for audit purposes.

PinPoint’s Speech-to-Text technology offers advantages that you won’t find in other IVR tools:

What You Get

  • Real-time processing of verbal responses for text transcription.
  • Auto transcription with PinPoint Certified Accuracy Audits.
  • Extremely high capacity – tens of thousands of calls per hour.
  • Extremely high accuracy – can be greater than 90% – with full punctuation and expression.
  • Streams data through an API for enterprise reporting.
  • PII identification and redaction from text and voice files.
  • Manages and delivers multiple data sources, including survey data, sampling data, meta data, and more.
  • Samples voice messages and tunes ASR voice recognition acoustic and grammar models to enhance transcription accuracy.
  • Includes voice capture through IVR questionnaire open ends, or enables respondents of web, SMS or mobile surveys to leave a voice message recording.

What You Gain

  • Delivers voice and text files for better understanding of responses.
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of voice transcription.
  • Optimizes transcription for text analysis and integration into enterprise reporting.
  • Integrates the voice of customer across omni-channel data collection solutions.
  • Executes redaction of PII information to reduce legal liabilities.
  • Comprehensive auditing and reporting of voice to text solutions by measuring a standardized accuracy rate, and reporting of accuracy across a range of demographic and data collection segments.
  • Ability to deliver voice and text data for reporting solutions that can be used for agent coaching and customer experience actions.
  • Enables customer experience solutions based on the delivery of near real-time alerts based on voice driven data.
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